Upgrade Your Kitchen With An FHA 203K Loan

Upgrade Your Kitchen With An FHA 203K Loan

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, guest room or any other room in your house can modernize it and bring the value of your home up.  One easy way to finance a remodel is through a FHA 203k streamline loan.

Whether it’s a refinance to create instant equity, or a purchase that needs a little TLC, FHA 203k upgrades can help add value to your home.

There are lots of kitchen remodel ideas to consider. There are so many available ideas that it’s easy for any homeowner to get lost while going through the options. Before you start looking at various kitchen set-ups, it’s best to first keep in mind three crucial elements.


Kitchens should ideally have wide, free spaces. You might think this is impossible if you have a very limited area reserved for your kitchen. Sometimes though, making free space all depends on you making the right arrangements. You can create more space in tight areas for example by installing overhead storage areas, utilizing corners for appliances or side carts and using stools and bar counters instead of tables and chairs.

If you have a lot of cash for remodeling, you can change the entire arrangement of your kitchen. You can settle for a galley type or L-shaped kitchen to save floor space.


The availability of light is an important element for kitchens. Task lights in particular are a top priority because they ensure hygienic and safe food preparation. Task lighting simply means clear light from a direct overhead source. Aside from this type of lights, it may also be a good idea to add decorative lights to help promote the ideal ambience during meals.

In some cases, providing the right set of lights is the best idea among all kitchen remodel ideas. Excellent light fixtures can make your kitchen look fresher without having to spend a lot. Aside from fixtures, you might also want to consider improving natural light sources. You can improve the appearance of your kitchen during daytime by allowing the sun in from a new window.


A great start to searching out design ideas is to head to your local home improvement stores and kitchen design showrooms.  Right here in Kokomo, Indiana; are 2 major home improvement starts and a few kitchen design showrooms.  Your basic vision for what you want for your home may be formed while browsing one of these stores.

There are hardly any restrictions when it comes to kitchen designs. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a design. You can have one that matches your overall home theme or you can have one that contrasts with other sections in your home. Either way, your preference still rules. A good recommendation though is to opt for colors that are light, relaxing and inviting. Dark hues can be suitable too but only if you are interested in creating an elegant or rebellious impression.

Kitchen remodel ideas don’t have to give you a headache. If you’re having a hard time picking great ideas that will be best for your kitchen, just keep in mind these three essential remodeling elements.

Remember, as is the case with all 203K streamline improvements; they must be completed by an insured contractor.

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