Making A Home Handicap Accessible with a 203K Streamline Mortgage

Making A Home Handicap Accessible with a 203K Streamline Mortgage

Another allowable improvement for a 203k Streamline Mortgage is handicap accessibility improvements.

If you find yourself in the market for a house and someone in your household can no longer get around easily due to a walker or wheelchair, there are some ways that you can change things to make a house more comfortable and safe. There are several areas that need consideration, and they are stairs, hallways and doorways, and bathrooms.  Keep in mind, these improvements must be done by a licensed/insured contractor to be eligible for the 203k Streamline Mortgage.


Hallways and Doorways

These areas need to be wide enough that you can get through them in a wheelchair without difficulty. Many hallways may be wide enough, but are cluttered with pieces of furniture or things on the floor. You may be able simply rearrange your furniture. For doorways, removing the door, if you do not need it, may make the opening wide enough. Otherwise, you can buy a bigger door and have the doorway widened.



For stairs, you can either have a ramp built over the stairs, or you can install a stair lift.



Finally, bathrooms may need the toilet raised, the sink made accessible, and a change in he shower or bathtub. Because of the cabinets underneath the sink, it can be difficult for someone who is handicapped to reach. To resolve this, you may want to consider installing a pedestal sink. For the bathtub, you may need to install grab bars. If it is a shower, you may need to install a wheelchair-safe one, which will have a wider door, and a smooth floor for a wheelchair to come in. These are just a few of the things you can do to make a home accessible for those who have a handicap.  And the 203K Streamline Mortgage can help make that happen!



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