Indiana Government Agencies

Indiana Government Agencies

Looking for contact information for Indiana government agencies?  Here’s a list of a few agencies you may find helpful.


Indiana Attorney General
Tel: 317.232.6201
Register for the “No Call” list, stop unsolicited FAXes, and access the Sex Offender Registry.

U.S. Postal Service
Tel: 800.275.8777
Change your address, buy stamps, schedule a vacation mail hold, find a zip code online.

Indiana Department of Education
Tel: 317.232.6610
K-12 School Data

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Tel: 317.233.6000
Renew your license plates, find the closest branch, download forms, and view the latest ID requirements.

Indianapolis/Marion County Neighborhood Crime Activity Information
Check the law enforcement activity in and around an address or area for up to 90 days.

Indiana Sheriff’s Sex and Violent Offender Registry

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